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CAST Actor Training provides a thorough and intense actor training program, designed specifically for each new client.
  • Personalized Curriculums. Each curriculum is determined only after the student has completed a series of in-depth classes emphasizing individual self-exploration and expression. This assures that each student receives training specifically designed to cultivate and develop his or her particular talents. 
  • Learn how to mine the script for the most important details; how to use your knowledge of your own feelings and experiences to help you understand your character. 
  • Learn how to make the most of every rehearsal situation, from the first reading of the script, through blocking rehearsals, run-throughs, and dress rehearsals. Learn what top directors expect from actors both in and out of rehearsals. 
  • Gain invaluable performance skills: you'll learn the most effective techniques of show preparation: how to warm up, get into character, handle stage fright, and do your best in front of a live audience. 
  • Learn how to approach plays and monologues in many different styles: recent classwork has featured the works of Mamet, Pinter, Becket, Sheperd and Genet; in private lessons you'll have the opportunity to explore the works of masters like Shakespheare, Chekov, and Aeschylus. 
  • Develop twenty winning monologues that showcase your talent and maximize your chances of landing roles. 
  • Increase your awareness: you'll be applying the things you observe and experience in your daily life to the characters you are performing; your whole life will become a source and inspiration for your work on stage. 
  • Become the kind of actor that top directors will want to work with: a thinking actor who is able to work with a director's ideas, work dynamically with other actors, and bring in creative ideas of your own. 
  • Work with an accomplished director and master actor with over 3 decades of experience as a professional coach and director. 

  • [tuition and time commitment]