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People in private acting classes in Minneapolis MN

Private Acting Classes in Minneapolis, MN

CAST of Minneapolis, Minnesota offers a one-to-four year, intensive actor-training program which gives students the tools and experience they need to begin successful careers as professional actors. Our comprehensive program features ongoing private lessons, in-depth training in such areas as character development, rehearsal technique, monologue and audition preparation, and self-awareness. CAST will allow you to make the most of your potential by unlocking, developing, and teaching you to use your own personal, unique creative talent.

The Elements of the CAST Program. Personalized, private lessons focus on developing each individual's unique talents and strengths. 

Each student's program of study is determined only after the student has completed a series of in-depth classes emphasizing individual self-exploration and expression. This assures that each student receives training specifically designed to cultivate and develop his or her particular talents. 

Graduates are well-grounded in proper auditioning etiquette and technique. Each actor's determination and self discipline with CAST's in-depth training program will give them the skills, tools and experience to build a successful career as a professional actor. 

Personalized Curriculums may include some or all of the following areas of study:
  • Voice, Diction and Stage Movement, Stage and Modern Dance,  
  • Technical and Method Approach to Character Development, 
  • Improvisation and Comic Timing, Television and Film Techniques 
  • Image Development, 
  • Acting and interpretation for Shakespeare, Simon, Williams, Shepard, Chekov, etc. 
  • Auditioning Techniques  
  • Life Coaching