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Time Commitment 

For the professional actor training program, your time commitment will be from approximately 4 to 30 hours per week for one year, depending on your class schedule and whether or not you are doing a show. 

Short-term Spotlight classes are also offered and amount to private classes available for specific training in audition prep, movement, character analysis, as well as other specific areas of need which may be defined by the individual student applying. Spotlight classes last for 10 weeks. 

Tuition, Program requirements 

CAST requires an initial commitment of one full year of training, secured by two months of tuition payable before your first private lesson. After the first year, the actor and coach evaluate the actor's progress, and make a decision about the actor's continuing commitment. Completion of the training program involves successful completion of work for private classes, which includes book reports and audition monologue preparation. This typically takes four years to complete. 

All classes may begin at any time during the year. And full year programs may be started at any time during the year. All classes wether they are full program training or Spotlight classes are private and individual classes and may start an any time during the year after a scheduled interview and registration..  You can enroll for 1 hr a week group classes or for 2 hr a week group classes which last 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or 20 weeks time. 


There are many relatively inexpensive efficiency and studio apartments available within proximity to the studio. Particularly affordable student housing can be found around the University of Minnesota, which is located within the city of Minneapolis. Among the helpful resources for apartment shoppers is the free Star-Tribune Fonahome service , which allows you to select search parameters such as price, location, and size, and will mail or fax you complete descriptions of apartments available that fit your specifications. Please indicate in advance if you desire help in finding a place to stay.


Many of our students find it necessary to work full or part-time during their time of study, to pay for tuition and living expenses. The State of Minnesota has a good job climate, with a low unemployment rate and numerous temporary agencies and job placement services. If you would like to browse through the classifieds and live out of state, you can reach the Star-Tribune classifieds on the web. Many students have found steady work, and permanent positions, through temporary agencies; some of the best agencies are Office Team , Pro Staff, and Dolphin; there are many others. Your private lessons can be scheduled to accomodate working hours, but you cannot accept jobs which require work after 6pm, when you will have to be available for rehearsal. 

The Twin Cities 
The "Twin Cities", Minneapolis and St. Paul, have a strong cultural and artistic community, with professional theaters, orchestras, museums, night clubs and recording studios. The state also has numerous outdoor activities, professional sports teams, many well-known private colleges, and a strong economy and good standard of living. Most students enjoy Minnesota's winter season as a time of increased focus and motivation for their studies at CAST, though there are plenty of opportunities to stay active through participation in winter sports and health clubs.  In the summer, Minnesotans flock to the region's lakes and waterways to enjoy sailing, roller blading, or people watching from one of the numerous sidewalk restaurants and cafes.




Top: An outdoor 
on the Mississippi. 
Bottom: A view of 
downtown from  
across the river.


CAST offers an intensive actor training program which requires and rewards your commitment, hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication. And it's also a lot of fun! Click on the picture to see our Photo Gallery, and get a better sense of what training at CAST is all about.

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